CHRISTOPHAs a boy CHRISTOPH RUGE played around with several instruments. But rather than selecting only a single one he decided to have them all – in just one box! With this box – his first synthesizer – he started immediately composing and arranging electronic music.

Influenced by artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis as well as Conjure One, Craig Armstrong, De/Vision, Delerium, Joey Fehrenbach and X-Perience CHRISTOPH RUGE created his own personal blend and enhanced it over the years.

With his album THREE SIDES OF LIFE CHRISTOPH RUGE was entering the public for the first time. Although this music is a couple of years old already it is still as fresh and powerful as it was then. You will love it: It’s melodic, dreamy and sensitive electronic music – in other words: “FINEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC”!

After a five year mission CHRISTOPH RUGE is coming back on the musical stage. More energetic, broader in variety, precisely melodic and seriously dreamy. The album IN BETWEEN is longer and larger and more dynamic than the previous one and earns therefore the rating: “FINEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC”!